I know that I have been off here for a while and I am sorry but I will keep up.


Animal of the Day 10-17-18

Today we are gonna take some time and be grateful and just love our doggo’s. I mean I have 1 of my own and he’s a pain but I love him to death. Everyone loves their dogs. If you have one comment a picture and let me see yours!!!!!!!

Never enough time

I’m sorry for not being able to post anything today but I had a lot going on and I am in a rough place in my life right now and I hope all my followers will just be here and support me through this rough time. I will try my best to stay up with everything. I honestly am thinking about having a second person help me with the site so everything stays up. If anyone is willing to please email me and I will touch base with you and we will work things out. Thanks so much!!!

Amazing Teachers all Around!!

Through out your education I can guarantee that we all have one teacher who has pushed us further than anyone else can.  I know as of now I have one teacher I would really love to give a special shout out to Mrs.Packard where do I start. I have only had you for one quarter as a teacher and this quarter has been rough and you have helped me in ways I didn’t think were possible. I didn’t think I was capable of things that I am until you helped me realize it. You have given me extra help with homework and you have helped me with tests, given me opportunities to fix things to get my grade up. I have so many thoughts that I can’t put into words because you have helped me in so many ways that I honestly am thankful that I got to be in your class. I know students take advantage of their teachers or call them names and just ignore the advice that you guys may give them when I take in all the advice I can get from you. If I can say one thing the only reason I have kept a brave face on is because I know she is there when I need help or just need advice. People take her for advantage and don’t understand that she does everything she can to help us pass. I have seen her go out of her way to help students. Just today I let her know that she was a wonderful teacher and that I was thankful for her advice and in response she sent me a reply that made my day. “I love that attitude, thought process, and spirit. Keep that up and you will go far and do big things.” I mean she touched my heart. It’s wonderful to know that she is there when I need help or just need some advice. I know I will never forget her. She is forever my favorite.!!!